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22/04/2007, 21h47
hi all,
this is RAL classic to RGB values colour converter.
it's a c.o.f.f.e.e. expression, done by the hard (& dump) way.
i hope you find it usefull.

you can get the file here:


22/04/2007, 21h49
That is a usefull one !

Thank you Georges !

22/04/2007, 21h59
Waouww ! awesome it's useful, Thanks a lot ! :prie:

22/04/2007, 22h05
great tool. Thanx a lot. :wink:

22/04/2007, 22h08
thanks a lot, very usefull tool :poucehaut:

22/04/2007, 22h20
thanks for your kind words,
i am working on NCS (natural colour system) & RAL digital colour books, too.
i am close, but not enough :roll:

23/04/2007, 11h58
Sweet to hear that, Keep going !!!
You've done already a great job !! :poucehaut:

03/07/2007, 18h15
Hey George!
I was fighting against colorimetric shaders this afternoon, and finally your "plug" just saved me a lot of time!
So thank you very very much :bounce: :prie:

04/07/2007, 03h39
very nice plugin indeed

05/07/2007, 16h14
tnx guys.
one of these days i'll try to add new RAL colours.
what i really hope is to see
a color conversion tool (developed by maxon of cource) as an add-on (for architectural edition ?).
i've seen such tools in autocad (i.e. ral & pantone palettes)

05/07/2007, 16h25
On mac OS X it makes no sense to develop these ColorPickers as they are integrated in the system.

05/07/2007, 17h04
Well then, I'd be happy to learn how you'd enter numeric entry of ral or pantone color in mac picker tool ? :prie:
(not ironic)

You can grab palette from Pshop or so, then use it in mac palette. But I'm not even sure it'll give you real color? (for exemple your monitor isn't calibrated as you client is, and so on, if you pick color is it the one you see on calibrated monitor or like real color picker?).

I'm sure they are ways, since nonbody seems to complain about it (plus I guess colors are every time differnt for everybody^^) and any pro should have perfect screen, but, well...

06/07/2007, 16h00
numeric entry is the hard way to do it.
math conversion formulas is the solution, but it's hard to guess, or find through googling.