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31/01/2008, 01h34
hi to all :odile:,
this is my entry for the illuminami contest @ c4dzone.com (this time rendered at double resolution).
the scene was already modeled.
i've added the angels & the frame to make it look as if the viewer is looking to a painting or a framed photo.
it's all about angels, (they come form the sky, aren't they?) so for most of the texturing i've used the star shader.
the aging in the wall - roof textures, volumetric light gels, cracks in the frame are done using the star shader.
the image is rendered with cinema's 4d advanced render.
it's a straight render output, no 2d post-editing, no native post-effects applied.
i hope you like it.
C&C are most welcome.

http://www.sharecg.com/images/thumb/29543.jpg (http://www.sharecg.com/v/22834/3d-and-2d-art/illuminami-contest-->-angels-dance)