Voir la version complète : my entry @ athensbenchmark.com

22/04/2010, 16h30
hello all,
this is my entry for the Future Bench @ athensbenchmark.com
if you like it, feel free to vote it. (log-in is required)
i have used S&Toon for the characters, and CS tools (Daylight 2) for the rest of the scene.

http://athensbenchmark.com/sites/default/files/620_x_465_173.jpg?1271930116 (http://athensbenchmark.com/en/future-bench/%CF%8C%CE%BB%CE%BF%CE%B9-sit)


22/04/2010, 16h37
very nice! It could however be more slender / thin and light.
Can I steal your idea? :grin:

22/04/2010, 16h46
i think that's what ideas are for :D

you are right about further refinement.
but at the time i submit the proposal, i was looking for a solution
that the backrest could turn into a sitting-area (i don't know how to call it) and vice versa.
that's why they have equal dimensions.
it would look way better if the backrest was thinner.

22/04/2010, 16h48
I would have loved to participate in this competition ( i won several before :D )
It is my job to design such things.

I think most designs are pure BS (bullshit) especially those themed for 'old-Greece'

22/04/2010, 16h50
Hey George!
Very nice design, really love it, congrats! And "merde" for the competition (the way we wish luck here ;) )

22/04/2010, 16h54
hurry-up base, the competition ends @ April 26th.
sadly yes,
greek ppl don't have a fu$#^&* idea of what greece means, nore they have any idea of what "old" is.
they think that they inherited it :o

22/04/2010, 16h56
tnx Corentin!
i have all the luck of the world.
i live in a country full of "merde"

22/04/2010, 16h58
the competition seems to be closed

22/04/2010, 17h02
the Athens Benchmark is for industrial designers and it's closed.
look out for the Future Bench menu.
this is the one. it ends @ April i26th

22/04/2010, 17h09
Very nice design although I agree with Base and find it maybe a little bit too thick to my taste.
Good job anyway. :poucehaut: Just voted.

22/04/2010, 17h12
tnx Muga!
much appreciated!

22/04/2010, 17h22
Not sure I like the "Future Bench" thing. I would have prefered the normal competition. This is too much fantasy for me :-)

22/04/2010, 17h26
Bon allez tous voter pour Georges svp, montrez la power de la french

22/04/2010, 17h32
Not sure I like the "Future Bench" thing. I would have prefered the normal competition. This is too much fantasy for me :-)

i know exactly what you mean.
my proposal too would be much different (at least in terms of materials) if ti was submitted for the real thing.

thank you all for your support!