Voir la version complète : Promotion football de l'équipe Maxwell !!...

15/06/2010, 19h50
Je ne sais pas si vous l'avez reçu mais c'est fort quand-même !

To celebrate the World Cup tournament, we are running a special Maxwell Render promotion which sees prices dropping the further Spain progress in the tournament. The further Spain make it, the bigger the discount!

Here is the deal:

· During Spain’s group matches, Maxwell Render Standard and RenderNode licenses (new and upgrade) will have 25% discount.

· If Spain win the Quarter final, the discount goes up to 30%.

· If Spain win the Semi-final, the discount goes up to 40%.

· If Spain win the World Cup on July 11th, the discount goes up to 50%!!!! And we will keep the discount alive for a week.

BUT there is a catch – at any time Spain are knocked out of the tournament, the promotion ends, and the discounts are no longer available. So let´s hope that for your benefit and ours, Spain go all the way and win the cup in South Africa.

Moi qui viens de m'acheter la V2, je suis un peu dégouté....

15/06/2010, 22h37
ils ont trouvé que çà pour en vendre?